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Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

I’m going to use the last message I received on my phone for this one, because it links back nicely to the post of a few days ago about the advantage of foresight. The message read:

Are you taking it easy for the rest of the day?

This relates to the events of yesterday, where I happened to be involved in a car accident that was probably my fault. It was an honest mistake and thankfully the only injury sustained was when I decided to take my irritation out on a telegraph pole. (NB. I rarely get angry and it’s usually with myself).

In this circumstance, would I have liked to know it was going to happen and lose a day? Probably. And I say that because I feel that I pretty much lost a day anyway. I was moping partly out of self pity but majorly because I’d put other people in danger, and that isn’t acceptable and I’m not able to apologise enough.

The thoughts that have been crossing my mind for a lot of the time since all begin with “what if?”. What if I’d stayed in the lane I was in, rather than turning in to the correct one? After all, I’d seen the sign before and new that it would have eventually got me where I needed to be. What if I’d had the volume loud enough on the sat nav to hear the directions more clearly? What if I’d have chosen to do the proper return journey and would therefore have been many lanes over, rather than save 10 minutes by going another way? What if I’d have reordered my mirror check and shoulder check? What if I’d just have listened to “you can’t change lane now, just carry on” rather than thinking that the road was now empty?

When you’re talking split seconds and centimetres it’s difficult not to think where that time or distance could have been won or lost. If the options were presented and all possible outcomes known, I may well have made a different decision.

Every step that you take
Could be your biggest mistake.
It could bend or it could break.
That’s the risk that you take.

What If by Coldplay

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