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Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

The room I’m in is on the first floor of a building first erected a very long time ago but virtually rebuilt within the last 12 years. It is entered via a hardwood staircase and has an unfortunately placed radiator at the top of the stairs, meaning that the majority of the heat it generates is lost to the room containing the air hockey table below.

The room has a low ceiling, curved at the edges, in which a nest of three halogen light builds is centered. The wall by the stairs is painted a matt red colour called English Rose, as is the protruding chimney breast. The two other walls are painted a funny off-cream colour that runs also on to the ceiling.

The two side walls contain two deeply inset windows each, highlighting the thickness of the walls. The curtains with their vertical blue and dark red stripes hang from black curtain poles while a cat sits on a cushion on the window ledge, personally insulted by the pigeon outside. In front of the chimney breast is a bright blue fireplace holding a stainless steel electric fire that also glows blue when turned on.

On the pine laminate floor stands two blue sofas and a cat’s scratching pole. Barring two circular candlestick holders atop the fireplace and a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on the opposite wall, decoration is sparse. A clock lends some functionality. In one corner sits a television on a stainless steel trolley that also contains speakers, an AV receiver and games consoles. On the opposite side are shelves full of boxes containing media in a variety of formats.

I’ve been told that my living room is very much bachelor pad. It possibly is, given that it is inhabited solely by a bachelor and his unattached tom cat. What it does have is far too many colours in a way that doesn’t make it cool! That is what I would change about if I was redecorating – take out the blue or the red, but probably the blue even if that does make it look a lot like my bedroom. I would also like a proper fireplace with a real fire – one of the things I truly miss from childhood.

Hmm… A lyric quote for my living room… The one that came to mind was rather obvious, but also fairly apt. I’ve mentioned in other posts that this is a building I’ve wanted to live in since I was about 6 years old. I’m lucky enough to have been doing so for over a decade now and a lot of the pictures in the header of this website are taken from garden or of the house itself pre-renovation. When I was traveling a lot with work and spending a lot of time in hotels, wherever I was or however long I was away for, I was always excited about printing my boarding pass and home day.

Another aeroplane,
Another sunny place,
I’m lucky, I know
But I wanna go home.

Home by Michael Buble

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  1. The pad… sounds wonderful! I am envious of the cat… I would love a front row seat for watching the birds all day long.

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