Grand Slam

In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last-minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)

Aren’t a grand slam and walk-off home run two completely different things?! A grand slam being a home run hit with three bases loaded (thus scoring four) and not always a decisive score, with a walk-off being a home run that means the home side cannot now lose?!

Like any sports player / Sunday League footballer, I have often let my mind wander to scoring an important winning goal. Unfortunately the only real goal I scored in however long I played was the opening goal of a 6-2 defeat! It wasn’t a bad goal to be fair. A right footed volley from the edge of the penalty box. Sucks it didn’t really count for anything.

My last kick of the ball for Crossens FC was also scoring – in a penalty shoot-out in a cup quarter final. Again, we lost. I played in one more game. I got 34 seconds of another final (in the video below, I’m the white number 13 you can see from minutes 17:52 onwards) but never actually touched the ball.

At the moment my brain and body is telling me that I’ve finished playing competitive sport. I don’t like the injuries that seem to occur however well I prepare at the moment. I was never the best footballer but could make up for technical deficiencies by being able to work hard. Now I can’t do the latter, for a good team as well, I’m not sure I’m doing myself justice. The brain knows what to do but the body can’t follow! I will miss playing, but at least I can still go to watch and see my ex-teammates.

I’m hoping I can fill my Sunday mornings with other activities. I like going out for breakfast which is hard to do with an 11am kick off for a 90 minute game. By the time I get home (usually tired and cold!) it’s not really easy to do anything significant with the rest of the day. I know what my goals are away from the football pitch, and if I can put my time into those I have may have more success off the pitch than on it!

Stay another minute there –
Wait it out.
I am finding out just how good it feels
To be so real in this carnival
Of hopes and dreams coming true.

Found by Honor By August

I’m not sure if that lyric applies, but it reminds me of baseball. I first hard the song in my apartment in Pittsburgh (where I was first introduced baseball and the Pirates) and it was played at the end of a baseball highlights program.

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