Red Pill, Blue Pill

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

I must confess that I wondered where this blog prompt was going when I first red the title! Short answer to this is no – I like food too much! Some people may have gathered this from previous post entries! I love going out for breakfast, lunch is something that tends to just happen for me and will usually be something quick unless I’m not at home and, again, going out for dinner is also a favourite past time. I would miss pancakes, I would miss steak and Chinese (especially crispy duck!) and I would miss the smoky goodness of BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizzas!

That said, I could see the benefits of a super nutrition pill. Some days I really don’t want to cook which means I would no doubt go for unhealthy options. The other reason is that I have tried in the past to put weight on (as muscle, not fat) and I found this really hard. I’m not exactly thick set and I think I could carry more weight. I thought it might benefit my sports performance, but there was also an aesthetic benefit, because being 6’4 with a slight build means it isn’t easy to find well fitting clothes.

I had done an exercise plan and initially did put on a lean kilo or four. The thing with trying to put on weight, though, is that you actually need to eat your way to it and after my initial gains (I sound like a gym bro now, don’t I?) I kind of stopped. I was still getting fitter and stronger and in better shape (I began losing fat), but I couldn’t put weight on.

I tried for about a week and a half to eat 4000+ calories a day of good food. I would eat a roast chicken every day and half alongside buying lunch at work. I would eat a can of tuna a day with breakfast. I had yoghurt and fruit before bed. All it did was make me feel sick. Over the Christmas period, where I knew I would be eating lots of food including meat and veggies as well as chocolate and cake I upped my exercise plan and felt pretty good come New Year. I actually think that at Christmas 2014 I was in the best shape of my life. But eating that sort of volume of food consistently is really hard for me.

If there was a pill that could be developed and tailored to particular nutrient levels then that could also have health benefits for people other than myself and could be a good thing. If there was a nutrition pill that could assist with the level of food intake I was trying, then I might try it, but it would have to be as a supplement and I wouldn’t want to rely on it, because that would take the fun out of eating.

Honey, is there any place that you would like to eat?
I know a coffee shop down on Fifty-Second Street
And I don’t need no fancy food and I don’t need no fancy wine.

Till the Next Goodbye by The Rolling Stones

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