Take a Chance on Me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

Hmm… Biggest, eh? Not sure, especially of the things I’d want to talk about. It was a chance for me taking a job that required so much traveling I suppose, especially since it really didn’t have a defined exit plan.

I knew I didn’t do long haul well. (I don’t do ferries well either, but that’s another story). It was about 5 flights over the Atlantic before I finally bedded in to such upheaval. On one flight I was so ill that I debated whether they could just strap me in to the toilet cubicle to save me the walk back to my seat. On the plus side, I didn’t get jet lag after that flight.

The not having an exit plan was also a risk, but actually (at the time) it probably felt less so than the travel. It’s only now, however many years and two redundancy consultations later, that job security seems quite so important.

Did it work out? I guess so.  I got some experience, both professionally and personally.  I found the greatest breakfast cafe in the world, one that means I would tag an extra day onto any holiday in the US just to go to.

Other chances I’ve taken:

  1. I once ate alligator.  Tasted like chicken.
  2. I sat in the home end at a football match despite supporting the away team (three times).
  3. I set off on a 20 mile trip with only 10 miles worth of petrol to get some 5p a litre off when I filled up.
  4. I ate Pop Tarts 8 months past their “best before end” date because I really fancied something blueberry flavoured.
  5. I watched 28 Weeks Later despite 28 Days Later being one of the worst films ever made.

I guess this sort of subject is a recurring theme on the Daily Prompts, but this was a slightly different spin.  I’ve previously written similar posts here and here.

Please don’t make me quote Abba.  I can only think of two more and I’ve used Eminem already.  OK, doesn’t really apply but:

You play love like a game –
Tell me who you gonna play today?
Do you want this love?
Now its one or the other
Do you really wanna take that chance tonight?

Broken by Young London

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  1. judy Dykstra-Brown

    Oh no. Now you’ve made me feel gauche for giving a link to ABBA on my post. Will I never learn?

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