Doubters Alert

What commonly accepted truth (or “truth”) do you think is wrong, or at least seriously doubt? Why?

I’m scraping the barrel while trying not to sound too depressed writing this considering the cliches that crossed my mind when I saw the question.

So I thought about a conspiracy theory someone at work holds that traffic calming measures aren’t actually there to slow the traffic and keep people safe, but actually are put in by the government to increase a vehicle’s fuel consumption which increases the amount of money raised via the tax on petrol.

I then had a really interesting discussion about fate and destiny and it took my night and I’m still struggling with the difference between pre-known and pre-determined, but it was worth it!

Someone’s changed me
Something’s saved me
And this is who I am
Although I was blinded
My heart let me find out
That truth makes a better man

For You by The Calling


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