Daily Ritual

Think about your day. Select one of your daily rituals and explain it to us: why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this ritual? What happens on days when you can’t perform it?

I don’t so much have rituals, but I do have a work morning routine which is subject to much ridicule from may parties due to the time it takes!

My alarm goes off at 6.01. I have an 8 minute snooze till 6.09. I talk to Moo for a minute to see how his night has been and give him his breakfast, making it to the bathroom by maybe 6.15. I shower, brush my teeth and have a shave, usually managing to do two of those three at the same time. I’ll make breakfast and coffee which I’ll eat and drink during the rest of my getting ready. I dry my hair and then move into the living room where I’ll put on Sky Sports News and check Facebook, Instagram, e-mails and messages while the iron heats up and iron a shirt. I get dressed, play with Moo before leaving for work.

But the whole routine can take me an 2 and a half hours! And I don’t necessarily understand why. I realise I waste time snoozing and checking social stuff and I could iron a shirt the night before, but it shouldn’t take me that long to get ready for work. I remember being able to do a workout before work too, despite getting up at the same time, and leave earlier. I also seem to only take half as long when I’m in a hotel as well as being able to get out the house within 20 minutes if I really need to.

I actually think time moves at different speeds depending on the day of the week and it’s not my fault at all!

I was trying to think of song lyrics to do with coffee and all I could think of was the below. I don’t smoke though – disgusting habit. I decided to quote an extra verse too, just cause I love the poetry of it. Although this isn’t a ritual or a routine though and is actually about a break up, my days are never as good when I don’t get to at least talk to friends. Even the simple things like getting a message can make all the difference.

Then, I commit with some restraint,
To a boy I thought might care.
It didn’t work but I found out soon
And never dug roots there.
Been a lot of places since
But nothing else compares
To easy times and easy eyes,
To meet you in a stare.

Coffee and Cigarettes –
As simple as it gets.
Of all the things I think I’ll miss,
Coffee and Cigarettes,
Coffee and Cigarettes.

Coffee and Cigarettes by Jimmy Eat World

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