No Cliffhangers

Write a post about the topic of your choice, in whatever style you want, but make sure to end it with “…and all was well with the world.”

Tonight will be my first night of work travel in over a year and half. As with all travel, I get particularly nervous before I go, but more so with travel for work than pleasure.

My main issue with work travel is that it is restrictive when it comes to what I like doing. Sometimes that can be logistically or by obligation. Tonight, for instance, I haven’t been able to speak to friends as much as I would like because I was sat in a restaurant with colleagues. I miss not being able to talk to people or having the opportunity to go out on a whim.

This is also true of leisure travel to an extent, depending on who I get to travel with. I’ve alluded to the fact in earlier posts that I want to go to New York at Christmas, but I want to go with people and not on my own. I want to share the experience and I don’t think it will be as great if I’m not.

My second work travel issue is that if something goes wrong I am spending work’s time on fixing it. So, for example, if I forget to pack something and need to go to a shop to get it, I can really only do that in the time I’m being paid for (which is in fact costing more than normal anyway because I’m being bought dinner and a place to sleep for the night). I do feel pressure for everything to go smoothly while I’m away and I don’t feel that when I’m working at my home location because I have a lot more control over the situation and my surroundings; if I don’t have something, I can jump in the car and go and get it.

So I’ve got back from dinner and decided to blog about it, and I admit that barring genuine stress of work I am fairly content with my geographical location now that it’s happened. Yes, I would like to be home with Moo and yes, I would have preferred to watch the football on my own TV. I do find that when I get away I’m usually OK. I guess it’s the thought that bothers me rather than the being. I wouldn’t say all was well with the world necessary, but it’s OK.

Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,
Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,
Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,
No offense to you, don’t waste your time.

Happy by Pharrell Williams

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