A Storybook Day

You have to spend one day as or with your favorite fictional character. Which one would it be and what would you do?

I’ve mentioned before that blog posts about books are hard for me. I do consider myself to be the world’s slowest competent reader. I’ve always been surprised when people take 7 or 8 books on a beach holiday. I was the object of ridicule at work when it was noticed that I was taking the same book on the plane to Belgium every week for over 6 months.

I do like reading, and I love a good story. I’m even pretty good at reading in that I do take most things in. It just takes me a while.

My favourite character was Rincewind from the Discworld novels, but David Jason’s portrayal of him on the feature films upset me because Rincewind was built for speed (running away from things) and that vintage of David Jason wasn’t.

I was born to rock’n’roll, everything I need
I was born with the hammer down
I was built for speed.

Built for Speed by Motorhead


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