Lazy Learners

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to? What is it and what’s stopping you from mastering the skill?

There are many things I wish I was better at. I wish I knew more “stuff”, even if it’s just random general knowledge. I can sometimes feel that I can’t keep up with conversations when people start talking about things I know nothing about.

I would like to be able to understand people better. I think I’m quite a simple person (oi! I didn’t mean that!), with that simplicity sharing quite a large border with naivety. I don’t always see things that aren’t obvious in personal situations (it’s a bit different in work where I’m more cynical).

As far as practical skills, I would like to be able to play a musical instrument or learn another language. Learning to play guitar or piano would be for my own personal enjoyment. I’ve worked abroad for a long time in the past and often wished I could communicate with local people without putting the expectation on them to speak English or assume that my “friends” really have taught me how to ask for the bill rather than a sexual favour.

I should that, if time and money were not an issue, I think I would like to try to get an Optometry degree too, although that would take some warming up off the brain beforehand I think. Indeed, it is usually time that stops me learning things and not because I feel like I’m wasting it, but just because I do other things.

Here we are with our running and confusion.
And I don’t see no confusion anywhere
And if the world does turn
And if London burns I’ll be standing on the beach with my guitar.
I wanna be in a band when I get to Heaven.
Anyone can play guitar
And they won’t be a nothing anymore.

Anyone Can Play Guitar by Radiohead


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