Last night was the first night in a long time that I actually had a nightmare – and I had two.

I went into a bit of a cleaning frenzy on Thursday night so only got to bed late and got up early.  Friday was a late night and Moo decided to wake me up looking for his breakfast around 6am.  So by Saturday night I was shattered.  I probably been asleep just over two hours before I was woken up by the first dream.

All I remember of it was being stuck in a traffic jam and seeing someone walk past the car.  As he did I felt the need to make sure the doors were locked, but before I could he had opened the boot.  I was worried about what he would take out, but instead he pulled the car backwards into a petrol station.  I woke up genuinely scared! I went and found both sets of car keys and went outside to check the car was locked before going back to bed.

I was woken up around 8am having had a dream about a crash at a motor race in the Sahara.  I remember that the victim of the crash was wearing a red and white helmet but the rest was a bit grim so won’t mention any more.  That was just a bit of a horrible dream to have.

I’m hoping tonight will be a better night’s sleep!

Over and over,
Scene by scene,
Like a recurring nightmare haunting my dreams.
How can you prepare for what would happen next?

A Nightmare to Remember by Dream Theater


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