Pour Some Sugar on Me

What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? Bread pudding? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? A smooth and creamy piece of cheesecake? Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert. Not into sweets? Tell us all about your weakness for that certain salty snack.

The thing I look forward to eating most is pancakes. Moose Coffee do either Apple and Salted Caramel or Granola and Chocolate Peanut Butter and they are both amazing if not rather too large to have your own. I still haven’t decided which is the best so I think I need to do more research.

Other sweet things I like are Bailey’s ice cream, mint Magnums, Toblerones, Big Purple Ones, gingerbread and Double Deckers.  Ooh, and strudel (need some this weekend). Non-sweet things – Chinese (yes, just generic “Chinese” rather than any particular dish).

The last gingerbread I baked didn't last long.

The last gingerbread I baked didn’t last long.

I’m not sure I quite feel any anticipation though! Certainly not in the same way as seeing someone or doing something (or where my brain went when I first read the title of today’s prompt!). I look forward to nice food and I enjoy it when it’s there. I can even “really fancy” something but I don’t think I get that sense of excitement while waiting for it.

On the subject of really fancying food… A colleague of mine years ago declared, mid-morning, “Ooh, I really fancy a salad!” It is possible to really want a salad?! Surely it’s one of those things that you feel compelled to have rather than actually wanting it.

I don’t wanna be needing your love,
I just wanna be deep in your love,
And it’s killing me when you’re away, ooh, baby,
‘Cause I really don’t care where you are,
I just wanna be there where you are,
And I gotta get one little taste.

Your sugar?
Yes, please.
Won’t you come and put it down on me?

Sugar by Maroon 5


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