Pick Your Gadget

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

Let’s ignore the fact that having one could probably get you all the others. I’m pretty sure that the Bill of Materials if not the labour will also be considerably higher for a time machine than the other two, so if you could afford that you could probably afford the other two instead. So, pros and cons for each…

Time Machine
This would enable you to go back and either enjoy something again or redo something that you weren’t happy with. The downside is that you need to worry about all this Butterfly Effect stuff and that anything you change in your past can affect your present and future. It would also allow you to travel forward to see how things turn out, but are they only turning out that way because you went to see them?

Anywhere Doors
Would save money on holidays. No real downside although I suppose it depends really how accurate they are and I guess you can’t see the exact situation that it will put you in, only the location.

Invisibility Helmet
The Pro is that they’re a bit voyeuristic. The Con is that they’re a bit voyeuristic. Hats are good though. If someone was using an invisibility to helmet to spy on me I would be both curious about why they’re doing it and a little bit miffed that they’re doing it in secret.

I’m leaning towards a time machine at the moment. I believe you shouldn’t regret anything you did for the right reasons, but I am at the moment and I’d like to change what I did and time travel currently seems the only way! Plus, if I got a time machine I could change my mind on what I pick later on if I need to!

I’ma gonna build myself a time machine
On particle physics and the power steam.
It runs on diesel oil and Donnie Darko daydreams.
Packed a pair of socks and a hunting rifle,
Change of underwear and some snacks to trifle.
Scared of going back, you know how I’m forgetful.

To go back and to see the way things really used to be,
Not the way we remember them at all.

Packed up, sat in my DeLorean
Like some kind of amateur historian.
I’ll visit the Renaissance and the Romans, the Victorians
Drinking in Deadwood in the 1880s,
Rock and roll and drive thrus in the 1950s,
Trying not to change things so the plot lines don’t get shitty.

To go back and to see the way things really used to be,
Not the way we remember them at all.
To go back and to see the way things really used to be,
Not the way we remember them at all.

Cause I can’t recall, you tell it to me false –
What if everything were to change completely,
If you just saw a replay of the crucial scenes
From the passenger window of a time machine?

In truth the real reason that I built this here machine
Was just to travel back a couple of years
To when we first met before the fights and tears,
To a time when you and I first got together.
Simple days and simple words like “forever”
Dripped off our tongues.  Come on, you must remember?

To go back and to see the way things really used to be
Before life quietly dismembers
All the best things about you and I, before the doubts
Drowned out all of the mirth and mercy.
Come on baby, please, you must remember?

Time Machine by Frank Turner

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