Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Having my fortune told is actually something that I have had done in the past. On my first visit to Pittsburgh work put on an event at Heinz Field for the people the workers and their families. I had to get special dispensation to be able to attend because and extra person out of a couple of hundred in a massive stadium obviously made a lot of difference. I actually can’t remember what else there was there other than games for kids and some fortune tellers.

I think there was a palm reader, an Indian stone reader who became so exasperated with my manager that he gave him the stone and asked him to leave, and a tarot card reader. I went to the tarot card reader and, I confess, I was nervous. I’m one of these people who will read my horoscope and the birth charts that my grandfather’s cousin did for me and my brother a few weeks after we were born is also fairly interesting. However, I do take these things with a pinch of salt because I believe that it’s easy to apply them to any situation after the fact.

Anyway, here’s what she said, all of which should have come true within half a year I believe it was:


“Using my head over my heart” is probably something I have never struck a good balance with, either with big life choices such as my heart really wanting another of the 6 Wispa Golds I bought for a £1 from Staff Sales earlier but my head telling me it’s unhealthy to those small choices concerning relationships and careers.

Ah, “significant other”. I should probably just laugh that one off or else I’ll cry! I did seem to be followed around the city by the girl who worked in Fudgie Wudgie for a while though.

“Needing to balance and juggle things with regards to a big purchase” is something that I can’t remember anything significant. That first time I was in the US was before the economic downturn when the exchange rate was $2 to £1 which made pretty much everything over there staggeringly cheap. A lot of money was spent while shopping, but I doubt that was what she meant.

I actually believe that the last two are related and were very easy to say considering the back story I had given her. I was starting a new job with lots of travel and work in other countries.

It was easy to be cynical, and that’s how I took it.

I can see the future
Step into tomorrow
I can see the future
Journey to forever

I Can See The Future Lyrics by Incognito


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