If I Ruled the World

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

Asking the person with the bad back, my obvious answer would be to stop aging. I think there has been a film about this – does In Time with Justin Timberlake sound right?

I’m not saying don’t grow old. The clock shouldn’t stop ticking. But, for example, this time last year I was in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in, both functionally and (I believe) aesthetically. If I could take that body and use if for the next however many number of years I have to live, that sounds great. I would have the physical ability to use all the wisdom I will hopefully have accrued.

We are, we are,
We are timeless, timeless.
Everything we have, we have,
Everything, oh my god.
You are, you are,
The only thing that makes me feel like,
I can live forever, forever,
With you, my love.

Timeless by The Airborne Toxic Event

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