Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.

Hard to write at the moment but there have been times in the past of great relief and both came the space of a few months.

The project I was on at work (that regular readers will know I mention every now again) was tasked with blueprinting and implementing the same ERP (enterprise resource planning) system in every site around the world.

The first implementation we did took a long time as we were all working out the best way to do things and learning. As we moved from country to country we got faster and better which meant that we were given ever more challenging deadlines. This culminated for me in implementing the solution in the company’s largest European site in a ridiculously quick timeline. We got there, but I remember after we got the formal “go decision” there really was a palpable relief.  I’d never really had that feeling before, especially with the relief combined with a sense of having done a good job

After that go-live, I entered redundancy consultation and was posted out in America to work on an implementation over there.  I went over there for two weeks and didn’t enjoy the work side of things because I disagreed with a few things that were being done.  While I was there I got a phone call from an old manager who was also having to restructure his team and wanted me back to lead a new part of that team at my home location.  As much as I loved the city, and I really did, and some of the best colleagues I’ve worked with are still there, I strode through the airport on my way home with a smile on my face because of the relief of moving on to a new challenge.  Interestingly, the new job was very similar to one I wanted to apply for years previously but was told I wouldn’t have enough experience, so nice to know that persistence paid off.

I won’t blackout;
This time I’ve got nothing to waste.
Let’s go a little harder.
I’m on fire,
I won’t blackout.
I’m on my way,
I’m only getting started.

Blackout by Breathe Carolina (that’s close enough to exhaling, right?!)


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