Generous Genies

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

Seeing as I’m probably one of a minority of sober adults at this time on a Christmas Day (I’m guessing that ploughing my way through Bailey’s ice cream doesn’t count as drinking) and I need a break from playing with toys and implementing disco lights in the house, I thought I may as well blog.

Firstly, to my readers who come here solely through the Daily Post and may not have seen this, merry Christmas.

Secondly, don’t genies give their wishes to whomever releases them from their lamp?

I’ve blogged previously about what my three wishes would be, but giving them to someone else is an interesting take. I would need to deploy this tactically. Ideally, I would like to give one wish to three different people who are all going through different things. I would rather than they be able to change their worlds than change the world at this point in time.

Given that my genie will probably be irritating and play the technicality, I would have to give the wishes to someone at whom all the red strings cross and right at this moment it would be my mother. She would know what to do!

I’m rapidly running out of lyrics about wishes…

Whatever you want,
Wherever you are,
Whatever you need,
I’m not that far.
I cannot let my plans fall through,
And I’m a little worried about it all.
There’s no boundries to what you could be capable of,
Is there anything else left to go wrong?
Is there anything else left to go wrong?

Save Your Wishes by I Was A Cub Scout


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