Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

My Dad doesn’t “get” Twitter. He sees at as simply lots of people talking about their day to people who don’t care less. The example he uses is that he doesn’t really care what someone has for breakfast. One of the Twitter accounts I manage is followed by such a Tweeter, and he is prolific and not doing it with irony.

That’s what this prompt feels like to me at first reading. I’m not sure anyone cares what’s happening right now as it’s fairly obvious that I’m sat in front of a keyboard. I’m typing this and researching polymyalgia rheumatica and autoimmune diseases.

I’m thinking that I might do a bit of a story post, so I’ll apologise now for its quality! I’m allowed to do a past story in present tense, right?

I’m going for a drive. I get in the car and put the roof down. It’s chilly and there’s been rain in the air, but what the heck!

The car engine still has some temperature in it from a previous journey so I pull out the driveway and push my right foot as far forward as it will go as fast I can. My favourite road is in front of me and its empty because its quite late.

There are lots of bends and I’m spending most of the time with only one hand on the wheel while the other is changing gear. I now know the benefit of paddle shift gear boxes. I also seem to be spending most of the journey leaning forward and in to the corners myself, as if to balance the car with my own bodyweight.

I reach the end of the road, which happens to be a friends house but they’re not in so I turn round and head back, but still don’t want to be at home, so I decide to get lost. One rule – keep going.

I turn right where I’d normally turn left. There’s no street lighting and I don’t know the road so I’m a bit more cautious. I resist the urge to take the first turn off and instead take the second. Dead end! Typical.

I turn in to a road and it appears that I’ve got as far as I can get. In front of me is the sea! There are a few more cars parked beside me. In front of me a ship moves slowly out between the multicoloured lights guiding its way. Some people holding cans walk in front of me laughing, seemingly without a care in the world. Unfortunately, I’m not here for that reason and I start thinking.


And I have a plan, but I’m not sure how to write more without it being future tense!

It’s an interesting thing, being entirely in the present. It’s all too easy to live in the past, being held back by what could have been. It’s also very easy to live in the future, and worry so much about what might happen or just assuming that it will that you don’t put in the short term effort to find out.

Cos it’s not meant to be.
I am lost at sea.
So mermaids sing to me
Of the better times and the things that can be,
Like the diamonds in the Mediterranean sea
Or the beatings and sleeping and times that I took,
And of washing the drink and the drugs from my blood.
And I’ve nothing to say in my defense.
I’m far from perfect, I’m still tense.
They say that love can change you once –
Please say that love can change me once!
Come on change me.

Imperfect Tense by Frank Turner

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