Worst Case Scenario

Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

One lesson that I’ve been learning recently is that things can always get worse.  I’m not convinced that’s anything to be grateful about though!

I think the last time there wasn’t anything wrong was around mid-September last year. At least that’s when I can last remember really enjoying a day without worrying about anything.

Since then things have rather fallen apart and, given that I have a family member lying in a hospital bed for the last week, I can’t say I’ve been wanting to think about worst case scenarios.

Take today…  I decided to repair the leaking tap in the bathroom.  I did my research and was confident about what had to happen.  I bought all the kit I’d need and started.  Water off, tap off, washers replaced – going well.  Unfortunately it appears that the job was somewhat bodged when the tap was put on initially and I can’t bodge it back.  So hacksaw to the pipe and valve put on temporarily till I can redo the entire thing.

And, just to prove that I am truly my father’s son, I even split a knuckle open doing it.

It’s the second time this week that the best laid grand plans have been defeated by something I’m not sure I could have foreseen.

I always feel the need, when talking about this kind of subject, to note that I am lucky. I have a home, an education, a job (for now)… However, there’s a difference between being lucky and being happy because you can base your happiness on a number of different things and I don’t think it’s proper for anyone to hold those against you because there is someone, somewhere, less fortunate than you are.

While I’d rather not think of worst case scenarios, it’s really clear to me what best case scenario is – it’s a reset to that day in September! That wasn’t the perfect scenario but it was the best.  Sometimes breaking down the barriers to get somewhere is the hardest thing.

I don’t really buy into cliches but the same amazing person told me two under various circumstances that I hope come true – “you’re due some good happening” and “it’ll be right in the end. If it’s not right, it’s not the end”.

You can’t see past the worst case scenario.
You’d be happy at this stage if you’d stayed in bed.
I pray one day I’ll live to see you break a smile.

Worst Case Scenario by The Hoosiers


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    It’s my pleasure to read your response to the prompt.

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