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What bores you?

I’m very easily amused! I get as much fun over nights in with DVDs as I do with theme parks, for example. I own many games consoles and have spent fortunes on games, but the one I have most fun with is minesweeper on my phone. One of my best Christmas presents last year was a new type of Rubik’s cube.

This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy big things – snowboarding down a mountain is much more fun than doing it at an indoor snow center, for example.

It does mean, though, that I don’t get easily bored with things. Regular readers probably realise that I like to split hairs between particular words and I would have to say here that, while I don’t consider myself to get bored, I don’t necessarily have a great attention span. For instance, I quite enjoy Game of Thrones but, whereas I can watch Friends all evening, I can only watch one episode of GoT at a time.

I also tend to multitask quite a lot nowadays.  Especially if I’m at home I can’t seem to settle on doing only one thing at once.  At work I like to do something for 30 minutes and then move on to something else.  I’m not a fan of sitting down and spending 4 hours doing the same thing.

It just keeps things interesting!

I spent most of my days neither sleeping nor awake
Watching pointless documentaries on tornadoes and earthquakes
Coffee keeps me going though It fuels my wandering mind
Wishing I was Kurt Cobain or Morrissey
It takes up most of my time
It shows with me losing my voice, it always seems a chore
My faith in music slowly disappearing more and more
These tattoos on my hands are there for life
And the songs inside my head won’t come out right

I’m A Bore, Mostly by Deaf Havana


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