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Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.


I realise this is bordering on hypocritical considering the community of WordPress Daily Prompts in which I participate because the pingbacks are so that fellow bloggers can read and appraise and hopefully learn something from their fellow writers. But what annoys me about the use of the prompts is the members of the community that blog “in avoidance” of the prompt. The prompt could be about your feeling towards the legalisation of nuclear weapons (don’t do it kids, it’s not cool, I just needed an outrageous example for comparison) and someone would set the pingback and post some photos of their garden. It’s a post simply to get hits to be able to say you’ve got hits; not even to say your post is popular or good, just that you have visitors.

Rant over.

McDonalds, McDonalds,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And a Pizza Hut.
Mc Donald’s, Mc Donald’s,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And a Pizza Hut.

Fast Food Song by Fast Food Rockers (not strictly a takeaway, but as good as I could come up with).


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  1. Eleanor Parks

    I guess all publicity is good publicity to some folk. It’s probably true, but not an ethos I sign up to. Still loving your blog, by the way!

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