Thanks, Hindsight

How is the year shaping up for you so far? Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?

Exactly as I thought it would! Actually, no, marginally worse because I wasn’t expecting to be averaging one family member in hospital per month.

I wasn’t expecting it to start well. I had the hope it would, of course. Hindsight wouldn’t have really helped either because I knew what was coming except for the aforementioned illness and injury.

I guess the hardest thing is knowing what’s coming and still not being able to do anything about it. I have taken some positive action to try to address some elements but I’m yet to see any real results. A lack of results and the fact that part of it is actually making me feel worse about myself isn’t great, but I’ll keep working because it’s probably the right thing to do long term.

I guess where hindsight would help is knowing that I’m doing the right thing to get the results. It would be nice to know that the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Lay your eyes on the very next dream
Crave it all with a pitiful streak
Block it out the honour and the grief
Tonight we’ll have a reason to breathe

If we can then we will.
Sorry and thanks for a different dream.

Sorry and Thanks by Biffy Clyro


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