My Mum – Star Of The Small Screen

One of my proudest moments (not really) as a son was walking in to my parents’ living room two Christmas’ ago and seeing both of them sat there completely ignoring each other, both tapping away at the 9.7 inch screen of their own iPads.  Never did I imagine that my own parents would fall into the very modern trap of shunning social interaction in favour of technology!

My mum, to her credit, does her best with technology.  She still shouts at the car when the warning light comes on telling her that she needs more fuel, but she is getting there.  So the other day I decided to teach her FaceTime so that she could video call her new puppy Skye when she’s on holiday.

The FaceTime trial did not go well.

“Mum, all I can see is the ceiling.”

“Is this any better?”

“No, you’re aiming it over your shoulder.  You know the camera is in the middle at the top, don’t you? In fact, there’s even a little window in the top corner of the screen that shows what I can see.  Put yourself in that.”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t like seeing myself.”

She won’t like me talking about it in public (not that she would ever know), so I won’t, but there is a reason for her assertion.  But whatever she thinks, she’s still my Mum and that means that she’s still the best in every way.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!  To celebrate, I’ll let you cook me dinner later and I might treat you to some of those iPad jigsaws you like so you can ignore Dad even more!

I said I thank you, I’ll always thank you
More than you would know, than I could ever show.
And I love you, I’ll always love you.
There’s nothing I won’t do, to say these words to you
That you’re beautiful forever.

Thank You Mom by Good Charlotte

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