Innuendo And Childish Giggles

I’ve been known to enjoy a childish giggle.  I love a double entendre and definitely appreciate a bit of well placed innuendo.  To that end, a brief warning – I’m going to use some examples!


We’ve all been there and in that mood where the most childish of things is funny.  I was in the gents’ bathroom at work when someone farted so loudly it pretty much shook the walls and caused one guy to not only giggle but to break in to hysterical laughter.

Back in June 2015 the BBC used this headline on its website when talking about Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal:


“Murray not overawed by Nadal semi.”  Were they talking about a possible Wimbledon semi-final showdown between the pair, or the fact that Andy thought he could handle the Spaniard in an early state of sexual arousal?

And of course, we’ve all used variations of “put it in the hole” and “is it in yet?” that become more amusing when “erecting” flat-pack furniture.  I afforded myself a snigger at a friend shouting “I’m coming! I’m coming!” very excitedly and rather held myself back by not commenting on the ease by which I’d got her there.


I once posted on this blog a response to a Daily Prompt where I wrote about a guy buying a car in the style of Fifty Shades of Grey, with the post containing much innuendo and many double entendres.  I think the Prompt was to write about something great using something you hate, so I went for sex and Volkswagen Passats respectfully.  One of my friends at the time took great offence so I took the post down.

That’s the thing about innuendo and double entendres.  Nicholas Parsons told the Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2014:

A true innuendo is that it’s completely innocent to a pure mind, but those who haven’t got pure minds will hear it.

I was at a show the other week where the entertainer made a joke and followed it with “It’s OK, the kids won’t get it!” as the child in front of me turned to his mother / female guardian for explanation.  With my friend and the car buying post, what was written could have been and indeed was actually completely innocent to someone who didn’t know any different.

The fact that I was told in no uncertain terms that my post was pure filth and to take it down actually says more about them and their attitudes to the subject than it does about others, especially since she was trying to defend women while one woman found it amusing enough to comment how clever the post was.

Indeed, my post was actually trying to talk about a man’s regret at using a prostitute to lose his virginity when he would rather have shared the experience with someone special.  My friend thought it was talking about a guy raping a girl.  Yet, as I say, on the surface it was about a guy buying a car and wishing he’d waited and saved up a bit longer for something he really wanted than settling for the VW.  Three different interpretations.

It’s all in how something is read and understood, and that applies to other more serious subjects than innuendo and childish giggles.  Sometimes it pays to be a cunning linguist.

You could have a big dipper
oing up and down, all around the bends.
You could have a bumper car, bumping.
This amusement never ends.

I want to be your sledgehammer.
Why don’t you call my name?
Oh let me be your sledgehammer.
This will be my testimony:
Show me round your fruitcage
‘cos I will be your honey bee.
Open up your fruitcage
where the fruit is as sweet as can be.

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

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  1. Mark Reynolds

    The video for the song was all about dancing fruit! Maybe I was young and naive. Or thought it was a reference to Gallagher smashing fruit. Nah, it was pure raw sex!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video! Yeah, things do take on a new meaning the older you get. I was trying to find some clips of a kids TV show in the UK called Rainbow. That was absolute filth!

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