A Skeleton In The Closet

In Witness To What I Write, I posted about who I think about when I’m writing.  The post was written about thinking in the present, but I’d never really given much thought to the future and whether they could read it for genuine reasons or because someone was being devious in sharing.  We all have a skeleton in our closet, but not everyone invites the public in to the closet to have a closer look.

I mentioned in that post that I primarily write for myself but I’m now at least aware that people follow this here blog (hi guys!).  I also admitted that sometimes I do have specific people in mind when I write a post.

For the first time recently I’ve seen traffic hitting my blog from proper searches!


I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to those who stumble across my corner of t’interweb on a genuine search for useful information, only to find me!

With a few of those searches (obviously the one about wise words because this blog has those in abundance!) I hope that those visitors found something useful.  In others the visitor has probably fallen foul of my domain name and in others I’m positive that they’ve just been misled by Google.

The other day I was angry about something and became devious, or certainly thinking that way.  Noticing these searches made me realise how easily information can be shared.  It got me thinking about how easy it would be to share information from the past with someone now to adversely affect the future.  Online and on blogs people can be easily identified as the authors.  I thought it would be very easy to take a particular skeleton directly to someone else’s door.

I punished myself for thinking it, because I’m aware that in writing this blog for me as I said earlier, I’m leaving my emotional baggage here and I wouldn’t like anyone drawing someone else’s attention to it for malicious purpose.  It’s like posting on Twitter about colleagues thinking none of them know it’s you, or posting a relationship all over Instagram but not Facebook when the other person only uses the latter.

And with my posts, if I start seeing someone and it gets serious and someone else who knows past blog posts gets jealous (the very thought of women arguing over me made me laugh!) it would probably be more than possible for the jealous person to point the other in the direction of issues I’ve faced in the past and suggest how it might affect my future.

The truth is that I’ve never put much thought in to who will read my posts more than two days after I’ve posted them.  That point was emphasised to me when I saw these searches finding my blog.  I’m not embarrassed by what I publish, but for the first time I’m thinking about not just who has read them and who might be reading them, but who might read them in the future.

Would you blog or act differently if you also thought about the impact of your musings in the future?  Would you hide anything now (on your blog or otherwise) if you realised that it might be problematic years from now if a specific person read it or knew about it?

Are you confident that the skeleton will stay firmly locked behind that door and stay in the dark?

The truth comes out, conspiracy there is no doubt
His life is ruined, but no not yet
He’s still got one card in the deck
A loaded gun, a happy smile, he’ll scope the freeway for awhile
King of the world, four hundred rounds it took five hours to bring him down

Skeletons In The Closet by Anthrax

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