Appreciate The Simple Things This Earth Day

Apparently today is the 46th annual Earth Day,  giving voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy toward environmental issues.

My parents live next door to a nuclear physicist who, before his retirement, used to work in CERN firing atoms at each other.  He’s a clever guy, to the extent that he actually doesn’t really understand simple things.  One summer my brother and I dug a drain for the neighbours.

Tom, being himself, created a plan and used formulas to calculate the degree of drop needed to take the water from his garden to the lake at the back of his house.  My brother and I, being ourselves, got a spirit level and if the pipe pointed down – jobsaguddun (“the job is a good one” or “that’ll work”).

One day (we had to go a long way with this pipe!) Tom took us somewhere to buy supplies.  Being not good at simple things, his driving was slow and robotic – everything a calculation and every action having an equal and opposite reaction.  Seeing how long it took him to drive a few miles down the road, I wasn’t surprised to learn in later years that Tom and his wife (herself a very clever lady more than able to hold her own) actually once holidayed 15 miles away from home, including staying in a hotel and eating out every night.

Even though it was only 15 miles away, their travel time was probably still similar to someone flying to mainland Europe from the UK!  Their rationale, however, wasn’t the length of time it took to get there but that you actually don’t see a lot of what’s around you when you get used to it.  Being a tourist in your own town can cause you to see things that you don’t see when you’re just going about your usual business.

I’m not well travelled for pleasure.  I’ve seen lots of places and experienced lots of cultures and countries with work, but our Planet Earth is a big place and I’m aware that there’s still much to see.  However, this Earth Day, why not take a minute to appreciate the simple things around you? It might not be there forever.

We got bombs and we got guns
We got everything you could want
Under a sun

We got pleasure
We got pain
We got people here who think
That they’re the same

We’re the fallen in the war
We’re the bullets and the law
We’re the kiss of love that heals it all

And it’s so pretty down here
It might move you to tears…

I am an Earthman
I was born to the out of hand
The Poets and the p___stars
The Lovers and the Die-Hards

And I never met a madman
Who didn’t have a cause
And I never met a pervert
Who didn’t have a broken heart

And I am…an Earthman.

Earthman by Poets And Pornstars

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