Abandoned Buildings : Lost Opportunities

I don’t know how many of you, my readers, came to this post via my homepage.  The pictures on rotation in my header are taken at locations around where I live.  One of them – the one I’ve put at the top of this post – is actually the place I live, in that it’s my house after it had been abandoned for many, many years.

The building was part of the farm across the road, which was and still is owned by the family.  Farm workers used to live here back in the day, and more latterly it was my great uncle and aunt.  It wasn’t so much abandoned initially, but rather just left.  At some point in time, it got vandalised and part of it was set alight.  The kid who tried to burn it down decades ago was actually jailed a few years ago for something as big as murder I think.  It became not worth repairing and fell in to the state you can see in the picture.

My grandfather was a massive part of my childhood.  He played football with my brother and I even after having a heart attack.  He made us bows and arrows out of the hedge.  He used to stand at the kitchen window to wave to us as we went to school and he used to come round every single Sunday lunchtime.  He taught us to fish and he made the best fried eggs.  He also used to take us round the abandoned building and tell us stories about what happened there.

When he died, he bequeathed the building to my mother who renovated it.  My brother and I moved in during our second year of university.  My brother moved out when he started working in the city and his commute became a long one.  I’ve stayed, and people ask my I haven’t left.

The answer is quite simple – I like it here.  It has everything I need and is near to friends and family.  The house had memories before it became my home and I’ve made more since.

There was a time when we thought my house would never be rebuilt, though.  Saying “never” is something I don’t understand, but maybe that’s because I’ve never been in a position to have to use it.  I spoke to a friend a while ago who said that something would never happen and it puzzled me, because I don’t believe in ever ruling out an opportunity.  Never is final, and why would you abandon something that might make you happy in the future or does make you happy now?

That’s why I laugh when people say I’ll never leave this house.  Sure, I like it here, but I’m not stupid enough to think that circumstances won’t change and, if an opportunity comes up that means I need to leave then I’ll be as upset as anyone is to leave there home for somewhere else, but hopefully it will mean creating more opportunities and keeping me happy.

Break a window and bust a wall,
making fun of your friends mom.
Turn the music up way too loud,
Charge the pizza to the house.
Everybody would waste it all,
to have a summer that they could call
Memory that’s full of fun,
f*cked up when it’s all done.

Reckless Abandon by Blink 182

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  1. Old made new again. You cannot find character in the newer buildings anymore.

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