Hope, Gambling and Leicester City

I’m not much of a gambler, generally speaking.  However, sometimes the possible prize is so good that it’s worth taking that punt in the hope it might come in.

A few weeks ago at work, the consultant the I work with could not understand why I would win the lottery and leave work.  Bless her heart.  Despite the ridiculous odds, staking £2 on the chance to retire at the age of 32 to a house in the country (and several other places) with Derek and Finley (and Moo) is just too good to turn down.

Because of the odds, a gamble on the lottery really is just hope.  There’s no real skill and there’s a helluva lot of chance. In England, Leicester City Football Club won the Premier League title last weekend.  I don’t know how to explain that to people who don’t follow football, but they were a 5000/1 shot at the start of the season.  It shouldn’t have happened, and yet there are stories of people winning tens of thousands of pounds on bets because they had hope that it might happen.

I think, as much as Leicester fans might have hoped it would happen, so too with the Leicester players.  When I played football, we knew when we had a bad team and we knew when we had a good team.  Leicester players will have known at the start that they shouldn’t have been good enough to win the title even though they hoped they would.

However, like some forms of gambling, you can apply some skill to prepare for and influence your fate.  A blackjack player can learn the odds related to certain card combinations and the Leicester players will have trained hard and been prepared for matches.  They hope that it will happen but they also do what they can to reduce the luck along around the situation.

Maybe I’ve been guilty of that too much in the past, having hope that something will happen rather than making it happen.  The reason I did that was because I didn’t always have the confidence I could do it.  That’s the third ingredient for me in taking something that you want.  There’s a certain amount of hope that it might happen, there’s a certain amount of skill but there’s also the self-belief to make it happen.

When your hope is lost
When your hope is fading…

What would you do if you had
Just one little pill in your hand
That changed around all you could be,
That helped you forget what you’re seen?
If all you ever wanted, was to let go…

Your Hope by The Calling

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