How To Win In The Battle To Survive

It’s human nature to do what we can to survive, but we don’t always do the cleverest of things.

I was at the parent’s place whenever it was, and Country File came on the TV.  They ran a story about a new craze for unpasteurised milk i.e. cow to bottle to brew.  Apparently it tastes nice because it’s creamier than milk that’s gone through a process to stop you dying of tuberculosis.

My Dad’s comment was that Louis Pasteur would be turning in his grave.  My reply was that Charles Darwin was probably rubbing his hands together.  He did all he could in exploring strange islands, but sometimes that instinct to survive isn’t quite as strong as that desire for creaminess.

It was probably a little naive of me to think this.  One of my favourite lyrics is from a song called Jet Lag by Frank Turner and it’s:

You always ask if I’m OK
But it’s not the same as being happy.

I had a friend once who, whenever I asked if I could help when she was feeling down or there was something wrong would trawl out her standard line of “I’ll be fine, I always am”.

Life shouldn’t just be a fight to survive.  It shouldn’t just be about being OK, or being fine.  I’m not saying  It’s for living and enjoying yourself and being happy, and making other people happy.  Maybe I’m a little too straight up and Darwin’s Survival Of The Fittest shouldn’t come at the expense of taking a reasonable risk.  As long as it is reasonable, of course!

Now I never meant,
To do you wrong,
That’s what I came here to say.

But if I was wrong,
Then I’m sorry,
I don’t let it stand in our way.

As my head just aches,
When I think of,
The things that I shouldn’t have done.

But, life is for living,
We all know,
And I don’t wanna live it alone.

Life Is For Living by Coldplay

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  1. Eleanor Parks

    This post reminded me of a quote I read. “I think we should take all the warning labels off everything and let Darwin sort it out”

    • A sentiment I would usually agree with, but then I remember how accident prone I am!

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