A Very Specific Grain

I don’t like referencing the Daily Post specifically in my blog entries for some unnecessary reason about not wanting people who stumble across this blog to realise that I need prompting.  However, a reason for my daily writing is because I enjoy it and I think that it helps improve my communication, not that it was terrible to start with.  It also helps me use my imagination and I really like being creative.  The post suggestion today, though, is “grain“.  WTF?!

Sometimes when the Prompt comes up with these random words (like “brick” the other day) I jump on Google for inspiration, usually within the news.  I went on today, entered the word grain and hit enter.

At the top of the google.nl page (I’m working in Holland at the moment) was a conversion.

1 grain = 64.79891 milligrams

A few things struck me about this.  Firstly, a grain of what? Secondly, without knowing the answer to the first question, how can one be so specific as to use 5 decimal places (in a milligram)? Thirdly, why couldn’t I get google.co.uk or google.com to replicate the conversion?!

At work, we have units of measure that are meant to be ambiguous.  Well, maybe not meant, but are ambiguous by their nature and that doesn’t matter, so we’ll say to use a bucket of something or a bag of something where percentage error is not crucial.

Sometimes ambiguity is good because it can leave things open to interpretation.  That can be the best way.  If someone says that they have a grain of sand in their eye, others know what they mean and what they have to deal with.  They wouldn’t say they have 64.79891 milligrams of sand causing a corneal abrasion.  That’s just stupid.

You need not to climb mountaintops
You need not to cross the sea
You need not to find a cure
For everything that makes you weak

You need not to reach for the stars
When life becomes so dark
And when the wind
Does blow against the grain

You must follow your heart
You must follow your heart

When all your friends have come and gone
And the sun no longer shines
And the happiness for which you long
Is washed away like an ocean’s tide

When all the hard times
Outweigh the good
And all your words are misunderstood
When the day seems lost from the start

You must follow your heart
You must follow your heart

If you feel you’ve paid the price
And your wounds should cease to heal
And everything you love in life
Spins like a winding wheel

If you should wake to find you’re abandoned
And the road you’ve traveled
Leads to a dead end
When death creeps in to play it’s part

You must follow your heart

Against The Grain by City and Colour

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