A Not So Smooth Request

When TMZ this week published a piece about Cristiano Ronaldo being a smooth operator with the ladies on a getaway to Ibiza, I think they were probably talking about more than his hairless body.

Unfortunately, even if I could entirely understand its meaning, smooth is something I most definitely am not!  I think what I mean is that I can rarely use words to convince someone to do something.  In fact, let’s just say what I mean!

I can’t walk up to a member of the opposite sex in a bar or seemingly anywhere else and convince her that I’m worthy of a date.  I also doubt I would ever be able to sell anyone anything.  I’m fine when I have time to prepare and I’m fine when I have some confidence but, definitely with women, I kind of have to hope I find the one who likes the mumbling, self-deprecating, staring at the floor, embarrassed type!

In a not so mumbling manner, and turning this in to a fairly smooth link, I heard a statistic today.  That statistic is that one child every minute globally dies from the effects of diarrhoea.  Something that most people reading this will see as an inconvenience caused by inability to cook our supermarket purchased food correctly is killing one child every minute because they don’t have access to clean water.

That’s staggering and shocking.  Here’s a UNICEF blog post by Paul Bridgewater about a trip to Nigeria by Tinie Tempah who presented the video in which I heard that statistic – Soccer Aid in Nigeria: Mercy’s Story.  If you don’t want to read all the way to the bottom, here’s what it says:

Just £5 could help to provide one child with safe, clean drinking water from a water pump. Every pound you donate to Unicef for our Soccer Aid appeal will be doubled by the UK Goverment.

Please, give now and help Unicef keep children like Aondogu and his younger brothers, Teghemen and Tersoo safe.

Anyone not in the UK, I’m sure you can find another link for UNICEF.  Maybe give them some money?  Thanks.

They say the money is the root to the evilest ways
But have you ever been so hungry that it keeps you awake
Mate, now my hunger would leave them amazed
Great, it feels like a long time coming, fam’
Since the day I thought of that cunning plan
One day I had a dream I tried to chase it
But I wasn’t going nowhere, running man!
I knew that maybe someday I would understand
Trying to turn a tenner to a hundred grand
Everyone’s a kid that no-one cares about
You just have to keep screaming ’til they hear you out

Written In The Stars by Tinie Tempah

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