Looking For Quilted Comfort

*grunt* *grumble* *mumble*

This week has been what I would call “sucky”.  I’m aware that I’ve done a few of these posts as if talking over coffee and I doubt that many of them have been particularly happy-go-lucky.  It has been an up and down week and I’m certainly not the happiest I’ve ever been, but in every day life I’m not sure people would notice much difference in me, other than the bags under my eyes!

So, yeah, a sucky week.  I don’t know from where I heard it, but someone once said of a decision that they needed to make:

That’s like choosing whether to wipe my arse with sandpaper or a razor blade.

In other words, neither option is good.  I need to work out which is least bad.  In the case above, I’d suggest the sandpaper because it at least has a smooth side and some flexibility.  It’s not particularly absorbent but I’m sure it would do a much better job than a razor blade.  Unless, of course, it’s one of those new razor blades with a lubrication strip before and after the blades.  One (or more) of those used in the right direction might get the job done.

I put too much thought in to that, didn’t I?

At the moment I’m going through one of those periods where there just always seems to be a barrier at every turn, for everything.  I’m thinking I might be putting them there but I can’t see options that I’m happy with.  I know what some of the barriers are, but those are the ones I can’t do anything about…

In fact, let’s stick with the toilet roll analogy.  In some instances I can see my Andrex in all its quilted glory but can’t afford it.  It’s like I just have to pull up my pants and make do with the skid marks.

Incidentally, I was part of the trial for that Gillette Proshield Razor with Flexball Technology.  They sent it with another razor with bluetooth built in to measure how many strokes you took (to shave your face).  I believe I used about twice as many as you should.  Apparently that was my fault, but with better razors I might not have needed to.  I was one of the minority who thought the new razor was pants compared to what I used previously.

So what might you have missed on the blog this week? Taylor Swift is irritating me.  I learnt some posh phrases –psychosocial development and motivated reasoning.  I also learnt that I’m similar to bacon and some other stuff about genetics, DNA and all that jazz.  I did my whole Law thing and ventured a wholly idealistic opinion on rape law reform.  Next week you’ll get at least a piece on Brexit and Chilcot which most of the written press have beaten me to publishing, so I’ve added a twist, and I review a lawnmower.  Yep.

My latest attempt at getting healthy and fit started this week. I’m obviously just less than a week in but can still walk.  I’m much more unfit than I anticipated and / or bikini body guides are a lot harder than I anticipated.  I’m prepared to put the effort in though as long as my back holds up.

I’m accompanying the exercise with a better diet and I’m absolutely craving ice cream.  Specifically I crave mint Magnums that are currently half price for a box of four.  Sadly, I treat the four as one portion which I understand is not meant to be the case.

Perhaps if I don’t have any toilet roll I should be careful about how much coffee I drink and how many dates I eat.

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  1. I love this post for all that you bring to your posts…and, it made me laugh so hard inside (which I love to do….some other time, I’ll have to think about why that is…it’s not the same as laughing out loud, but it’s own unique appeal). Thanks for sharing 🙂

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