Not Looking At The Clock

Hey, how’s things? I got the brews in.

I haven’t been working this week and I noticed quite a strange thing.  The more time I have, or the less I need to look at the clock, the less organised I seem to be.  Let me explain…

My normal work day routine is get up when the alarm goes off somewhere between 6am and 6.30.  I have a shower, make breakfast and coffee and watch some news and play with Moo.  If I need to be in the office I’ll iron a shirt and prepare some food for the day before leaving the house.  If I don’t need to be in the office I’ll turn on the computer and start work.

During the day I have a routine around food, where I’ll eat at around 10am, midday and 3pm.  I try to leave the office or stop working between 17.00 and 17.30 and, if there’s nothing on in the evening, I’ll go home via the supermarket, do some exercise (on every other day), have dinner and relax.  Bedtime would normally be 22.30 to 23.00.

When I’m not working, everything goes to pot!  I’ve been up early a few times this week to do things, but normally I sleep until I wake up which isn’t that late anyway – usually 7.30 or 8.  That extra hour or so in the morning means I wake up refreshed.  I heard once that every hour asleep before midnight counts double every hour after midnight, which kinda makes sense for most people on a schedule.

I’ll get up and do the shower and breakfast thing when I need to.  That throws out the food schedule, as does the ability to exercise whenever.  Bedtime isn’t set either.  I enjoy my time doing things, but other things can go missing because I don’t place them in a schedule.

So what have I done?

My Mankini Body Guide has taken a bit of a backseat due to a stiff back.  One of my main rules of engagement was not to push it when it didn’t feel right, and it hasn’t been, so I haven’t.

I’ve been out with friends, not doing anything particularly interesting but nice to see everyone nonetheless.  One thing I’ve been trying not to do which I have a habit of doing when I’m off is spending a shed load of money! I’ve bought a few things but I seem to be in to the mindset now of “Nope, you don’t need it,” which I suppose there’s nothing wrong with.

I’ve eaten some nice things…

I found ECTO1…


I made some friends…


I got annoyed by inconsiderate parking…


But easily amused by a bunch of naked mannequins in a window…


And I found some stuff to pimp out my garden…

I’ve still been a little up and down this week.  Some stuff happened that I’d have loved to have been able to be part of or do something about, so it’s been frustrating.  There’ll be a post about it in a few weeks.

You may have missed some things on my blog because it’s not publishing to readers for some reason.  I complained about women being to call the Police about a man trying to ask them out.  I mentioned about a weird dream thing where small things seem massive and vice versa.  I informed my readers about seagulls eating immigrants.  I got on my soapbox about new bloggers thinking that they’ll be the next big thing instantly but aren’t which might stress the younger ones.  I also wrote a piece I was really proud of about the purpose of law and punishment.

Oh, and let’s not forget the lawnmower review!

Till next week.  Drink up.

Youthful yet so blind,
We held the greatest treasure time.
Gave our hearts and sold our souls,
Convinced each other we’d last forever.

We had all the time in the world
Yet we aged so soon,
Watching the cold steal the love from our eyes…

Oh How It’s Time!
Oh How It’s Time!

I’m killing time while time slowly kill us
We’ll always wish we didn’t waste away,
Away the days.

Were wasting away!
When our hearts were young
An our bodies were pure!
And there was fewer days gone by than to be had…
Fragile and weak we shelter from the cold.
Our Reflections have turned grey and cold.
Sea green veins under paper thin skin.
We existed but never lived…

We took time for granted and paid the price!

Oh! Bury me now
Oh! Just bury me now…

I’m killing time while time slowly kill us
We’ll always wish we didn’t waste away,
Away the days.

Were wasting away!
When our hearts were young!
An our bodies were pure!
And there was fewer days gone by
Than to be had!
We took them for granted!
So we paid the price!

Clocks by Oceans Ate Alaska

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  1. I have the same sort of trouble with unstructured downtime…It’s like all of a sudden I’ve spent 3 hours doing nothing at all, when in fact I needed to get things accomplished. As a result, I have alarms set on my phone to tell me to do things now. Not the most fun, but it has so far kept me from slacking!

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