Short And Long Term Goals

Hey, I’m pretty sure it was your round this week…!

Last week I spoke about slipping out of a routine.  This week it’s been the opposite.  I’ve been back at work and everything has gone back to normal.  I’m back being tired and it actually feels like I’ve not been off at all!

When I was thinking about this I cast my mind back to the post last week.  I spoke about about the times at which I do things and I wondered whether things were too nailed on.

I do project work for a living.  The first cycle I did lasted a long time.  A really long time for what we did, although I don’t remember just how long it was.  I did six full project lifecycles all over Europe after an extensive blue printing phase, I dabbled in two more cycles in Russia and North America before entering redundancy consultation and being placed back in to a business as usual role based extensively at my home location.

Each cycle I did got faster as the team got better, but they were all the same.  We basically just repeated what we’d done every other time.  Last November I started working on a different project which will be wrapping up in the next few weeks.

The thing about my last three roles, though, is that I’ve enjoyed the middle one most – the “normal” one.  Interestingly, the normal one seemed to provide me with more challenges and than the projects.  However we set up the project plan, I only ever felt accomplishment at the end, which means I only ever really got reward maybe every 6 months.  In the regular role, I could get things done and dusted in hours, days or weeks which meant that reward was regular and the job more enjoyable.

I think I need a job with shorter lifecycles of work.  It’s not necessarily the routine I dislike but what I do in it.

I had a quarterly appraisal at work this week too.  I wrote a while back about being disappointed about a difference of opinion with my manager when he pulled me up about something and how, despite my prompting, he didn’t take any amount of “blame” for the situation that arose.  He’s still sticking to his guns a month or so later so I’m even more disappointed that he didn’t go away and think about it.  I admire people who can hold their hands up and take something from a situation but he seems so confident in putting everything on me that I don’t think he’s even considered his own performance.

What else happened this week? Erm… I had a night of really vivid dreams featuring my usual muse on Friday morning just before waking up.  It started off as in a computer game.  I was in some water and had to position barrels of explosive on the side of the dock in preparation for blowing them up.  I failed first time and got squashed between two ships.

I managed it the second time and ended up in her flat.  I think she knew I was there.  My brother and his ex were talking to her about me so I left and went looking for her old flat for some reason.  I left the flat and ended up in the city.  I nearly got squashed then between two busses at a bus station before going in to a posh hotel that I shouldn’t have been in.  I remember being conscious of wearing a suit.  And then I woke up.

Vodafone kindly rang me the week after I was looking to change my contract and doubled my data and included European data roaming in my monthly tariff, which was nice of them.  More Pokemon Go available.

So what did I do on the blog this week? Monday I spoke about what amazing place my coffee shop, Finley’s, will be.  I wrote about psychopaths and whether one can be successful.  I investigated the etymology of the word crisis before going of on a tangent with orgasms and sneezing and farting.

Next week? Hmm, not sure yet.  I have two posts on wanting things and thinking about them and making them happen. One is about quantum theory and one about genetics.  I may publish them next week.

See you then.

I think we’ve found the place where we belong!
I wanna be
In this hoi polloi
So I’ll be back for good someday
To make my life and make my way
But for today, we’ll wander and enjoy
One short day
In the Emerald City
One short day
To have a lifetime of fun
One short day
One Short Day from the musical Wicked


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