Sleeplessness, Margot and Pumpkin Spice


If we were having a coffee this week it would be a Pumpkin Spice Latte! So pleased that we got the first one under the belt this morning!

I should have known that this week would have started as it was to go on.  On Sunday night in to Monday morning I had three separate nightmares.  I couldn’t remember what they were about, but I woke up and jumped up in bed after each one.

I’ve been doing the same pretty much every night this week.  It had usually been between 3am and 3.30, although it was something like 1.30 on Friday morning.  I’d love to know what it was so it doesn’t happen again.  Add to that the fact that I’ve been waking up at around 5am most mornings anyway and I’ve been spending the week pretty darn tired!

To try to catch up on some sleep I thought I’d work from home on Friday, given that I’d have been the only person in my little bunker of an office due to colleagues’ holidays and business travel.  That plan was scuppered by needing to change my log-in password, which is one of those annoying chicken and egg situations that I can’t change it except from the office because you need a network connection to change it and you can’t get a network connection unless you’re logged in.

So I went in and decided to sit on my own because that meant I could play music without bothering anyone.  Plus there’s no spare desks in the newly refurbished office and the one now affectionately known as “The Departure Lounge” (because it’s primarily occupied by people who will be being made redundant or the desks of those who just have) is pretty grim at the moment.

My week in Pokemon Go has seen me catch a Gloom, Diglett, Fearow, an amazing Mr Mime (really high level and straight 15 IVs), a Gengar and Ponyta, the latter of which was staggeringly difficult cause it was really far away.  I hatched a Charmander that made a change.  I also used a Lucky Egg and evolved my glut of Pidgies and Rattatas and went from level 16 to 18 in 30 minutes.  How exciting.

Last night was good food and Suicide Squad and spending a lot of money by mistake.  I was doing really well putting things back down after I picked them up in shops and then ended up spending £140.  Oops.  I did really enjoy my night though.

I thought the film was pretty good.  I think too many people maybe go to see comic book films nowadays and expect The Dark Knight – all deep, dark and meaningful.  If you go and just look to be entertained, it wasn’t bad at all.  I can see why Jared Leto was miffed.  As the Joker, he wasn’t in it half as much as I thought and I can’t decide whether he was the best actor in it by a country mile or if he was dreadful.  His performance stood out, I’m just not sure why.

I actually thought Cara Delevingne was good too when she was playing the doctor rather than the Enchantress.  Margot Robbie was an obvious highlight in modelling probably every female’s (and some male’s) Halloween costume for this year.

This week on the blog…  I had a very strange hit from a search engine!


I can’t even begin to think what that would be for! I assumed it was a mistake, but what would the right version be?!

What have I written about? I’ll be honest here.  I’ve blogged at least once a day since sometime in mid-February this year.  It’s quite a streak for me and I want to keep it up for as long as I can, but there has been a day or two this week where it wasn’t a priority.

I try to do a news review on a Monday and a product / place review on a Friday.  I pretty much forgot about both but did manage to get them done.  I’m also running out of things to review – let me know if there’s nothing too expensive you’d like me to look at!

Anyway, I am still on one a day! So I started the week with a piece about the inspiring Team GB at the Olympics, I spoke about important decisions such as how much bra is too much bra on a CD cover.  I spoke about two things close to my heart – second chances and not seeing obvious things.  I also did my first ever music review of Butch Walker’s new album Stay Gold.  Even if you don’t read the review, you should check out the album.

Right, I now have to go to get my hair cut because a mistake from last week was failure to turn up for my appointment!  (They normally send a text, but I didn’t get it and forgot, despite thinking that I was due a trim!)

Catch you later.

Hands will take their place
Far from intentions made
Disguised as patience, time gets wasted
Now is for the now, so get loud

I’m, I’m destination addicted
I just gotta be some place else
Never good time, never feel the space to get it right
Get right

Hands will find their way
To eyes inches from my face
My heart gets beating, I drink freely
How to hold it down, hold it down?

I’m, I’m destination addicted
I just gotta be some place else
Never good time, never feel the space to get it right
Get right

Okay, okay, enough
Let me explain
Okay, okay, enough
Get on with it
Maybe if I stand up straight
One small thing I can change
Maybe if I, maybe If I, maybe I’m…

I’m, I’m destination addicted
I just gotta be some place else
Never good time, never feel the space to get it right
Get right

Get Right by Jimmy Eat World


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