Who Should Make The Decision When Everyone Cares?

Have you ever put in the hard slog and not got the result you wanted?  Have you ever put in all that effort and it’s actually had the opposite effect.

There was a story in the news today that one of the main points now being fought out in the worst of divorce proceedings in Australia is over whether the children in the relationship go to public or private schools.

As Heather McKinnon said in The Age article about this story:

But the irony is that every bit of research says kids from high-conflict family law break-up cases score poorly on all indicators, from education to psychology.

You say to the parents: ‘Look, you’re fighting over this, but your kid is going to end up on a gurney in the mental health ward as a suicide victim’, and they just look at you blankly.

It was an interesting point of Family Law in England and Wales where the primary concern when it comes to things that affect children has to be what is best for the child.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?

But who should actually be in charge of deciding what’s best for someone else?  We’re talking here about people who are, legally speaking, compos mantis.  I’m not even talking about medical treatment or anything like that.

In a divorce case, especially the most bitter, you need a mediator and you need someone to make decisions.  It’s interesting that when two people are trying so hard to do what they think is best, the decision is taken out of their hands and given to someone else.

Enter stranger but take heed of what could lie ahead
You may find what you seek may not be everything they said
An apology is the easiest way, easiest way to have the last word…

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