Passionate Snogging Lovers And Other Work

Hey.  If we were having a coffee or anything else that you’d like to drink on a Sunday evening… (I’m going for J2O Spritz, pear and something, and it’s alright actually.)

If anyone read Closer To The Edge that I wrote at the beginning of the week, you’ll know that the week started with me being told that I’ll probably be made redundant next April.  Initially I thought this wouldn’t be a problem because I’m not particularly passionate about my job or my work, and that was something that was brought in to focus even more this week.

I don’t want to repeat any of that post from earlier but basically, I got a shouting at a few weeks ago (I think I may have alluded to this earlier too) and during that I explained to my boss that I’ve regressed from being a reasonably important team leader on a global project to being administrative resource for anyone that doesn’t want to have to do their own paperwork.  He, of course, told me that I was wrong.

So this week I continued to type test results in to spreadsheets because, apparently, none of the 3 other managers who were just watching someone else test could possible type the results in to the spreadsheets themselves.


In my “redundancy” meeting I was asked to stay till April to train blue collar workers how to use a system that I’ve never seen.  My other tasks will include hanging posters and putting postcards on tables in the canteen.

I look at some of these things and part of me thinks “that’s a no stress job that, relatively, you’re going to be paid a f*cking fortune for” but it’s not something I can get passionate about and I’m at the stage of my career where I don’t want to be stagnating.

About 30 minutes prior to that redundancy meeting, the person who delivered the news said I could go to an SAP event on work time.  It was free and I paid for my own travel.  It was really interesting cause I sat in a number of presentations with people talking passionately about jobs and subjects that they enjoy.  They were also areas that I’ve been desperate to get in to but lack the experience and, while I’m getting passed round to the highest bidder (so to speak), am unlikely to ever get experience of where I am.

It was quite inspiring to me and I’ve managed to come away with some great ideas.

Talking of passionate… This came up on Timehop.


I can’t remember what we were talking about but… Ah, wait, it must have been Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL)! The person I was talking to didn’t know what PSL stood for so was guessing and was sending me all these ideas while I was out on a work night out with senior managers.  It made me laugh.

So what else happened this week? I got to drive an automatic at the start of the week.  I drove it 200 miles to the hotel car park before my first and only instance of left foot breaking, nearly putting my travel partner through the windshield.  Automatics really don’t feel like driving to me.  I wouldn’t mind a semi-automatic or paddle shift where I can actually a gear, but I don’t think I’d ever want a car that does it all for me.

I got new Pokémon! New ones are begging to dry up a little.

A Porygon also appeared but I was on a train with 1% battery.  It made me want to cry a little!


I’d just bought my Christmas decorations! It’s proudly modelled by Moo Cat.


That was probably about it for the week.  I hope yours was a good one.

Let this be our little secret
No-one needs to know we’re feeling
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher

But I feel alive and feel it in me
Up and up I keep on climbing
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher

Let this be our little secret
No one needs to know were feeling
Higher and higher and higher

But I feel alive and I feel it in me
Up and up and keep on climbing
Higher and higher and higher

Little Secrets by Passion Pit

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