Back And Neck Knack : Part 2

I alluded to the fact over the weekend that I’d been to see a chiropractor again.  I’ve got them to send me my x-ray so now I can explain a little about what’s going on.

I’ve had, I think, four episodes of a bad back over the last 18 months, culminating in one that caused me to scream in agony at having to get out of bed and then taking 80 minutes to slowly slide down my stairs to let in assistance.  I’m having another scan next week after having one earlier in the year.

It’s fair to say that I’m getting desperate because I can’t do exercise without at least a moderate flair up.  I can do longish walks but struggle to stand up through a whole concert, for example.

So I saw a sign for a free posture check and one thing led to another and last Saturday I went to go see a chiropractor to discuss the x-ray he had taken of me standing up.  He suggested that one of the problems with conventional back imaging is that it’s all done with you lying down, but most of one’s time is actually spent with their back vertical which is when pain happens.

Here it is:


Some explanation… The green lines are where my spine should be.  The red lines are where spine is and shouldn’t be.  The blue line shows that I lean to one side (which you can also see from my collar bones).  And yes, I have some fillings and a fake front tooth!

Seeing this was actually pretty hard for me, and here’s why.  On perhaps the worst occasion that my back went, a friend tried to help by diagnosing possible causes.  During the conversation, she mentioned things like my “spider-like fingers” and “concave chest”.

She basically started listing off everything that was physically wrong with me including things I didn’t know about, and it hurt.  It felt like she was only too keen to mention everything that was wrong and it was done with absolutely no subtlety whatsoever.  It even felt like she was enjoying it.

No-one likes being told that they’re a monstrosity.

And this isn’t about self-worth, it’s about self-confidence.  It’s naive not to realise how important looks are in first impressions, and when you think that all people will notice about you are your hands and that you can’t stand up properly, you immediately want to hide away.

Somehow seeing this picture in front of me brought all of that back.  I know it’s ridiculous having known all these things myself before seeing the image, but it just hit things home a bit I guess.

I’ve been desperate to get something done about my back.  I love exercise and playing sport and I miss it.  I’m trying to find a way to fix things and this visit to the chiropractor had been a little bit of a hope with some of the things that he’d said.

However, I know a lot of medics who don’t think too highly of chiropractors.  They see it as a pseudoscience and I’m getting some warnings about the funny shaped vertebrae in my neck (number 6 if you’re interested).

I also showed the image to a radiologist and he said that a lot of the things the chiropractor said were issues were actually pretty normal.  He even queried how the line was drawn and said that there were so many unknowns about the way the image was taken that it was easy to say things were issues when it might just have been postural anomalies.

Here’s where I have the dilemma.  This kind of feels like an interesting solution.  It’s a different one… But people are telling me that there’s no need.  I don’t know what to do.

Brain fried tonight through misuse
Through misuse, through misuse
You can’t avoid static abuse
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Without these pills you’re let loose
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Confused, mind bruised, it seeps out
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Face down, home town looks so grey
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Stand up brush off get moving
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What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

Face down, home town, face down, home town
Face down, home town, it looks so grey

What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

Monster by Automatic



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  1. Helen Meikle

    I first went to the chiropractor about 25 years ago because I was desperate, in agony, could barely move. She got me back on my feet. These days I go semi-regularly to sort the niggles before they get to that point, as do my kids, and she has also sorted out my grandchildren from time to time. I know a lot of medics think it’s whoo-hoo, but chiros are highly trained and the proof of the pudding is in the eating imo. Make sure you find a good one, though.

    • Hey Helen, thanks for the comment. Yeah, people who have been have said good things. It’s something that I’m still (quietly) investigating! Thanks for the advice.

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