First Impressions

Today at work we were talking about cars, and the guy I was talking to was saying that your car (alongside your house and your clothes) is one of things that people will see first that will allow them to form an opinion of you.  I actually disagree, mainly because I can’t think of anyone other than a delivery person who will see my car and house before they see me, or certainly see those things within that 7 second window in which most people will form a first impression.

It’s an interesting thought about one falls for a façade.  Especially with celebrity, it’s easy to see a life from the outside.  Being a football fan, I hear a lot of arguments saying that footballers are role models and so have to behave in a certain way.  They have to present a certain persona and image.

But then we also have people who present that image because they want to even though it can sometimes be far from what things are really like.  There are innovators such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk from whom we see amazing inventions of the celebrity that comes with changing the world.  Fewer are the stories of how difficult they are to work for.

The thing that struck me about the conversation at work is how easy those three things are to fake if you have the money.  The guy at work told the story of the someone he knew who was loaded and drove an awful car.  I think a lot of people would say they would rather be that guy than someone who had to create a façade over who they really are.

My problem is that the conversation started by what are dream car would be if money was no object, and I just want an Aston Martin too badly! At least I want it for me though, rather than what other people will think.

For how long will you try?
How long until you walk away?
Your facade can’t disguise
The fact that you’re in misery

Look inside see what has become of her
Hiding within again
Can she pick herself up again?
It’s just too difficult and arduous to let go

Façade by Disturbed

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