Weekend Retail Therapy

Hey, if we were having a coffee this weekend I think I’d be lacking something to talk about.

It’s been one of those weeks that seems to have gone really rapidly now I look back on it.  One of the people who now apparently works for me has taken to texting me before I get in in the morning.  On Monday I got a message to say that I had 3 visitors waiting for me in the office.

Turns out I’ve been assigned to a consultant, which I didn’t know about.  I also had a very senior manager and a consultant working with them turn up.  They all asked me what they could do, which was a little strange considering that I didn’t know they were coming and didn’t need resource.

I love working in a team and I like managing teams, but my way is to normally make a plan and foster a team dynamic where people just come and essentially take jobs off the plan.  When there is no work for someone to take, it causes me a problem!

So it’s been a little weird.  I think I said last week that I didn’t see my new role as being a one person role.  I still don’t think it is.  I think there was a panic from certain people who spent too long saying that they couldn’t possibly do something that they’ve done two things – they’ve convinced themselves that they can’t do it and left themselves no time to do the stuff that would have left them far better prepared than needing someone to do a bit of tidy up now.

Away from work I’m feeling the need for retail therapy.  My problem is that my “retail therapy” isn’t a couple of films and a pair of jeans! I need to buy a camera lens and tripod for my holiday.  There are some new Star Wars Lego sets out that look amazing but that I don’t even realistically have anywhere to put.  I want new footwear.  My hairdryer is on its way out.  There’s some games I want.  I need some more coffee and, for some reason, I seem to now enjoy collecting mugs!

My car insurance is also due which is a bit of a downer!  My renewal quote is £120 more than last year and yet a different company are offering £40 cheaper than last year so I’m going to have to make some phone calls.  My most expensive quote, which always amuses me because I would rather they just said “we don’t want to insure you”, was £1710.69.  Congratulations Wise Driving.

So I may need to reel myself in when I go out later! A few weeks ago I bought a shed load of concert tickets and I’m going to see Against The Current tonight.  I’m not sure how they’ll be, but it was the sort of price for a ticket that tempted me to just go on a whim.

That’s about it.  I hope your week has been more interesting than mine!

I’ve been listening to this a lot this week since finding it again in my playlist:

When I was watching some more videos, Alex Goot has done a lot of covers with Chrissy Constanza, lead singer of Against The Current.  I’m taking it as a sign!

Oh, and I nearly forgot.  new Pokémon are drying up, but…

Right, I’m really going!

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