The Joy And Pain Of Online Arguing

I don’t commonly get in to an argument but there have been a few times this week where I’ve been closer to an argument than a heated discussion.

At work I’ve had to bite my lip so I didn’t tell people just to do their own job because at the moment it seems like they’re just being lazy.  I got annoyed with the car insurance people who requested the money from my bank a week before renewal which made cancellation far more complicated than it needed to be.

However, I was actually most proud of an argument that I entirely avoided.  Last Sunday I went to go see Against The Current and, the day after, I wrote a review.  A link to the post was put on Twitter, someone picked it up and decided I was being unfair.

The issue I had with the tweet was that my post was actually pretty positive.  The gig wasn’t great, but I gave the band some credit.

I wanted to have the discussion but decided not to.  Amelia Tait wrote a post on New Statesman this week entitled Is arguing online actually good for your mental health?

The crux is that the vast majority (around 96%) of people do get emotional about amount online comments with the most common emotions being frustration and sadness about being misconstrued.  35% of people got stressed, depressed or anxious, while 11% of people felt that online arguing exacerbated pre-existing mental health conditions.

77.5% of survey respondents actually said that online arguing made them happy at one point or another, though.  One of the main reasons appears to be the stupidity of their would-be tormentor.  After a quick scan down @Windowmisser’s timeline I realised that he was a rather large fan of the band and so would probably never really have listened to any reasonable opinion contrary to his own.  As I also mentioned previously, I’m not sure how much of the review he actually took in.

What’s obvious from the article and what I felt from a very minor reaction to a post was that having someone argue or react negatively to something does have an effect.  If you feel the need to say something online, try to be one of the 79.4% who claim to do it to be constructive.

She don’t, but she will
He says anything to keep her by him
She takes, what she gets, and she never did flinch
over, and over, well anyone
With any mind would think that’s all she gets

If you want you can get to know me well
We get along so we shouldn’t argue
And I don’t know, said I don’t know
All these feelings cloud up my reasoning
Cloud up my reasoning

I know, but I still
Believe in ignorance as my best defense
So go on, wreck me
Funny how I carry on, and not be taken over
Will not roll over on anyone,
cuz anyone would stand up on my side

You know it’s funny how sometimes,
It don’t work out like you want to
No you never get nothing at all
Then she tells you that it’s nothing at all
Then she tells you that it’s over, boy don’t you hate it
When it’s over
I guess something just got lost, and it deeply saddens me
So over, and over anyone, who’s anyone

Argue by Matchbox Twenty

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