Misadventures With A T-Rex

Last week, Ched Evans completed his transformation from professional footballer to rapist and back to professional footballer after his defence team somewhat set back the country’s rape law 30 years when using the alleged victim’s sexual history to prove that she regularly goes back to a hotel rooms with guys and wakes up not knowing what has happened.

I feel that I should state an opinion on this case before I continue.  I think there are many things wrong with it and it proves that burden of proof in a rape case is staggeringly difficult and that no-one really comes out of one looking perfect.  I also still think it’s a little odd that someone takes a drunk girl to a hotel room, has sex with her and then rings his mate to say, “I’ve just done a drunk girl and she’d still her. Fancy a go?”  There’s just so much wrong with that.

Anyway.  Another interesting thing with this case was that the victim never alleged rape to start with.  She reported her handbag had been stolen, and the Police and CPS thought there was evidence of rape.

Another story of a irresponsible sexual exploits that hit the news last week comes from Exmouth Dinosaur Safari where a woman was photographed performing a sex act on a decapitated fibreglass baby T-Rex.  Needless to say, someone photographed it and it’s not really something you need to see!

The Police are investigating, but one of their lines of enquiry is in to the person who published the photo online, so as to prosecute under privacy legislation.

The woman was later pictured exposing herself in a local public house, so I’m not sure she is necessarily averse to the publicity.  Unless she was genuinely engaging in an act of ocjectophilic bestiality, chances she wanted at least one person to see what she was doing.

It’s interesting how things can transform from one thing in to another the harder you look, so to speak.

Do it now
You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now

The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang

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