Copycat Comfort

When I first started senior school (for international readers this would have made me 11 years old I think) we had to use briefcases for school.  These briefcases were useful desk separators at exam time when they were placed in the middle of desks to stop people copying work.

What I found interesting when I read an article about copycat killers at one point was different justifications or reasons for copying – those of a killer and those of the kid copying in an exam hall.

The latter, far less sinister copier will copy and justify that action on the basis that that’s what they would have done anyway.  Instead of picking and choosing a few points though, they might copy all of it because it gives them responsibility for all of it.

Copycat killers come in at completely the opposite end of the spectrum because, for them, copying what someone else has done can absolve them of responsibility.  My copying a character, or becoming a character, the action is depersonalised.

I’ve only called one person a copycat since my much earlier years at school.  I said it in a joking manner as a throw away comment that I didn’t think about, but this person went mad at such an accusation.

Copying answers off a test paper is one thing, but I guess in more significant events copying really highlights how uncomfortable you can be in definition of self and that’s not something I’d not previously considered alongside what I’d previously thought of as a very childish insult.

I am little pieces little pieces little pieces
Pieces that were picked up on the way
Imprinted with a purpose with a purpose with a purpose
A purpose that’s become quite clear today

Look what you had to start
Why all the change of heart?
You need to play your part
A copy of a copy of a
Now look what you’ve gone and done
Well that doesn’t sound like fun
See I’m not the only one
A copy of a copy of a

Copy Of A by Nine Inch Nails

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