Year In Review 2016 : The Blog

As it turns out, I think I might be a lifestyle blogger.

I always thought that lifestyle bloggers were those people who got sent free stuff to review or who wrote about stuff of a particular interest to others when it came to living.  You know, posts like “38 things to do with a steam cleaner that you never imagined were possible”?

Apparently, though, being a lifestyle blogger is one of those catch all terms for those of us that write lots of things which wouldn’t necessarily fit a particular niche.

The other thing that made me uncomfortable calling myself a blogger, especially a lifestyle blogger, is that – for me – there is a certain connotation of success that comes with it, either financially or through vast amounts of traffic and I receive neither.

I want to try to stick to the subject here because tomorrow there’ll be a Year Review of my year in general I don’t want to duplicate.  However, it’s safe to say that I didn’t set out at the beginning of the year to post as much as I have.  I have posted 419 times this year, which actually amazed me too.

The reason for so many posts has probably been threefold.

  1. As I’ll discuss tomorrow, some of it was cathartic.  I felt better for getting words out.
  2. I decided to experiment with getting followers and readers and community.  I got involved in the WordPress Community and I started posting about the news as well as product reviews to see what happened.
  3. As the year moved on and I realised that I was posting once every day, I felt the need to keep the streak going!

So, some stats which are correct at the time of writing!

There are (or will be) 419 posts on the blog for 2016.  This year I’ve received 14,990 views from 6772 visitors and attracted 2110 likes and 326 comments.

And I’m quite proud of those figures, but would add a rather hefty caveat.  One thing that I’ve noticed and posted about before is that, within a blogging community, you get people who “like” without reading and sometimes don’t even read for very long, if at all.  Even taking those out I’m still pretty proud of the number of people that think me and my writing worthy of their time.

I’d got hits from Twitter and Reddit and various other referrers, but one of the ones I most please with was seeing a referral from Facebook.  I know what one of these was, but because I don’t actively post the blog to Facebook it means that other people have thought the things I write are worth sharing, which is still a strange thought!

I was going to do my top 5 posts in terms of views, but I’m going to do them a bit differently.

At number 5, but really number 8 is Help With My Addiction.  This was a satirical post but mental health was a bit part of this year for me and something you’ll read about tomorrow.

Number 4, but really number 7 is Think About Making Time to Think.  I wrote this post because I was seeing a lot of people making decisions as reactions to things rather than slowing down and doing what they actually wanted or need to do.  By virtue of having the same word twice in the title it seems to be rather search engine friendly and gets consistent hits.

Number 3 is Finding Out A Secret.  This post was a bit of brain dump with a few anecdotes.  At the time I was thinking a lot about why people don’t communicate things and also how people can read a lot in to not doing.  It also had an element of “daring to dream” in it and whether it’s sometimes better to go for something and know for certain rather than speculate.  Or is it?

At joint number 2 was a list of reviews.  I started doing reviews as an experiment to test longevity of posts.  Four out my top 5 posts this year were reviews, with the highest being about a vacuum cleaner.  It gets consistent views but noticeable peeks around Black Friday and the Christmas sales which kind of amused me!

And the most viewed post on the blog this year is My Blue and Your Lobster : Gaslighting.  I’m sure those who read it don’t know how big a deal this post was to me.  For reasons that will be spoken about tomorrow, it was kind of a “Eureka” piece for me.  I put it on Reddit in a Narcissism sub and got more hits than I knew what to do with over three or four days.

I had some other posts I was pretty proud of that would have been written without prompting.

That last post leads me nicely on to my 2016 Year Review of Me.

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  1. Great post…interesting, gave deeper insight about your blogging interests and aspirations….I really liked that you share your most “well-received” post…some I’ve read…others I will in the near future 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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