Sights And Sounds (And Everything Else)

My mother says that my Dad has selective hearing.  I don’t think he does, I think he’s just able to filter out some of the noise he doesn’t want to hear when he’s concentrating on something else.  Either that or he just zones out when he can’t get a word in edge ways!

However, it goes without saying that the brain is bombarded with a shed load of information at any given point in time and it does need to get rid of some of it.  It turns out that my mother is close, because this is called selective filtering.

Different parts of the brain deal with different senses, but the part that helps with filtering is the part where all these areas intersect – the thalamus.  The thalamus collates all the information and sends it to different parts of the brain for processing.  It’s also important in consciousness and, when adversely affected, can explain why people fall in to comas.

This “reciprocal” connectivity [between the thalamus and the cortex] can be explained by selective filtering.  When the cortex receives a type of information that it deems a priority (like focusing on the movie), it sends a signal back to a part of the thalamus known as the reticular nucleus. The structure uses the neurotransmitter GABA to inhibit transmission of other “irrelevant” signals from the thalamus to the cortex (the squeaky seats, popcorn, and air conditioning).

It’s an important subject because it can help us understand certain behaviours, especially in instances of personality disorders such as schizophrenia.

It also gives my Dad a good excuse when Mum talks at him for extended periods!

I can see it around us, sights and sounds touch

Westbound, Greyhound, my age around 20
Time slowed down when the sun set suddenly
Touchin’ me from my window view
Was every shade of orange pillowed with blue

To call them colors don’t do them justice
It was beauty and abundance to become one with
In reply I heard the voice of some guy behind me ask
Is that the lake or the sky

Off the interstate those awake felt special
Like God used some kind of paint brush to save us
From the pain of this life we knew
Right now that image, I wish I could show to you

Cuz I’m inspired by her the same
And I rejuvenate my power whenever I’m around her
So inspired by the artworks amazin’
I wanna spend the day in her imagination

You seem to come out mostly at night
Surrounded by stars shining bright
I’m intrigued by the shapes you take
You feel close but to touch you I would have to elevate

When you’re out and about it makes me wanna celebrate
When you’re in my presence it makes me wanna take a break
To admire your aura, your beauties equivalent like the lights of Aurora

Natural satellite always around me
You move about the sky with no boundary
I get lost gazin’ at your glow
You can eclipse the sun, now that’s powerful

Your celestial forces make the tides rides

You keep the sky lit when I’m outside
I love bein’ under your watchful eye
If life was a carnival, Luna you would be the prize
(You would be the prize) You would be the prize

I get lost watchin’ the water
Find myself a moment later
Hypnotized by her splendor
As the waves crash over and under

Meditating, captivated
By the sun beams
Reaching through the blue green
Momentitos of clarity

I breathe the salty sea breeze
And hum a melody
Inspired by the tide
That’s rising up above my feet

I look towards the horizon, imagining
Undiscovered depths and secrets of the sea
The ocean is emotional to me

I write an ode to her, try to sing it sweet
A devotion for the spray the waves release
The push and pull of water from the deep for the beat
To which I often dream she’s rocking me to sleep

Sights And Sounds by More Than Light


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  1. 😄 Thanks for the visual and the laugh! Selective listening, hearing or filtering- whatever we may call it seems to ONE factor to all MEN! Just this very fact should be able to unite the Men of our Planet.

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