Serious Or Carefree

Last week I mentioned to someone my idea about proposing to women before asking them on a date given my place in the pecking order at school as “one of the boys you would marry but not go out with”.

The reason for my getting boxed up this way? Making assumptions because, well, let’s face it, that’s not really a conversation you have as a 15 year old with another 15 year old or group of 15 year olds, but I guess it’s because I didn’t really have a reputation for doing stupid things.  I was sensible most of the time.

Sensibilities generally aren’t always held up well.  Those with carefree attitudes are seen as more fun and more outgoing, whereas seriousness is seen as dull and boring and always looking for problems.  Identifying problems can lead to making things better.  However, sometimes it’s not about making things better but making things work; my thought is actually practicality.

I think it’s quite interesting, though, putting people in these brackets.  I think people see it as end point – serious or carefree.  I think it’s actually a starting point.

This makes me sound like I’m getting defensive given the anecdote at the beginning of this post but it’s not intended to be either that or self-praise.  In my experience, people think I wouldn’t do things because I go for practicalities first.  It is just, though, that my default state is to look for how to do it before committing.

I’m not saying which way is right or wrong, just that everyone has their methods.


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