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So, if we were having a coffee this week what we would be discussing? I’m not entirely sure.  Unfortunately, I guess it’s probably work again.

I was expecting this week to have the meeting with my line manager to discuss how I role in to the dole queue, but he decided that that sort of thing wasn’t so important to him so he’s put in a meeting next week to talk about it.  As a result, because I’m now over worked despite impending redundancy, I decided I would spend the week doing what I wanted to do.

I’ve rolled in to the office at around 9.30 and opened my calendar to see which meetings I’ve already missed and which I will miss later on in the day.  I’ve then closed Outlook and only reopened it at about 15.30 to quickly skim the ever mounting pile of e-mails.  I’ve pretty much completely ignored anything in my task list that I don’t want to do, and just got on with doing those bits that I do want to do.  When I get bored of those, I go home.

The irony of all that is that this week I’ve saved the business around 95% of the amount of money that they’re paying me to leave by developing reports myself rather than asking an offshore technical team to do it.  I don’t know whether or not to be pleased with that, but I have pointed it out.  No-one has pointed out things that I haven’t done either, which is interesting.

At the end of the week, as now seems the norm for month ends, we went out on a Leaving Do.  As Leaving Dos go, it was a pretty good send off if you include the absurd amount of cake that was brought in, the office presentation, through to the night out, through to the Last Breakfast the morning after in the canteen.

The thing that always happens with Leaving Dos is that you realise that you don’t so much have colleagues but friends that you work with.  I’ve been lucky that I’ve worked with some great people.

The place I work for has some lovely Business Rhetoric about us being “owners” but we never used to need reminding of this because you did what you did because you were working with friends, as a team, to achieve a common goal.  Yes, that’s cliche, but only when you say it – not while you’re actually doing it.

The tricky bit for me is that My Do is next (possibly / probably).  I’m still more annoyed about how things have happened than disappointed about being jobless in a month, but this was not so much a kick up the backside reminder that it’s happening than a gentle tap on the shoulder, all of which has made it all a bit more real.

The other irony of this week was that I got my 10 year Long Service Award at work! Two years past it being due, but hey ho, £65 of credit to spend on something.

Erm, so… Outside of work.  Been a pretty standard week.  Eating out, going out, started running again… I’m really stripping my exercise regime back to basics and that’s running.  Not something I particularly enjoy but things are getting silly with my back and if I just need to push various limits to see where I can go, then I’m going to keep trying things.

It’s been a bit odd this week again in those things that I can’t quite shake that I’ve mentioned before.  Those things where you remember something you used to do but can’t anymore, yet still expect to be doing them.  “Oh, it’s Friday so I’ll be doing this…”, “I need to tell so and so about this…” but can’t.  I suppose that happens to most people for one reason of another, but I have bouts when I genuinely believe I’m able to do those things before realising that I can’t.

And, I guess the bit that you’ve all been waiting for with baited breath, 15 new Pokémon this week.

I guess that’s about it.  Hope you’ve had a good week yourselves and are looking forward to the next one.  Until then…

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