Emotions, Desire And Fitting In

This week has gone staggeringly quickly for me for some reason, so weekend planning has kind of been missed to an extent.  However (without going in to the level of detail that I normally save for Sunday),  there are things I always want to do at the weekend – junk food, friends, fun.

Yes, yes – all very generic, I know! But we all have our own desires.

An article about desire popped in to my news feed yesterday, and it was interesting because it’s a point I’ve made on this blog previously that’s now been backed by a real scientific study (although absolutely nothing to do with me!).

High levels of narcissism and a weaker sense of peer belonging is leading millions of young adults to take part in deceptive like-seeking avenues on Instagram, a recent Western study revealed.

That study was by Huron University College Psychology professor Tara Dumas who wanted to look why people seek to increase their popularity through a few means on social media.

The first was artificially buying “likes”.  I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I knew it was a thing.  Presumably there’s someone in an office somewhere with a shed load of accounts and all they do is “like” photos on Instagram for people.  Of course, when I say I “people” I probably mean “a computer program”.  Before I get too carried away with the mechanics, though, the point is that people want to have lots of “likes” and want people to see them with lots of “likes”.

The other way was artificially manipulating the photos, especially those of themselves.  There is mention of “digital nose jobs” and anyone who uses Instagram will know of the filters.

The study found a link between a lack of peer belonging and an increase in what they called deceptive like seeking.  The people doing the things to artificially manipulate a like count are just wanting to feel some popularity.  What we see is a physical representation to feel better about themselves.

There’s a chicken and egg thing about emotion and desire, though, which is quite interesting.  Emotions, in regular circumstances, reflect the meaning of something to someone, whereas desire works in the opposite direction and seeks to change reality rather than reflect it.

I guess that’s why Dumas’ study noted that anyone who ventures anything in to the public domain is doing some sort of attention seeking for popularity.  However, some seek to do it simply to show people what they’re doing rather than wanting to be lauded for it.

Anyway, a picture of my pizza isn’t going to post itself.

Lover I’m off the streets
Gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet
With a red guitar, on fire

She’s the candle
Burning in my room
I’m like the needle
Needle and spoon
Over the counter
With a shotgun
Pretty soon, everybody got one
And the fever when I’m beside her



Desire by U2


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