What I Learnt From : 365 Days Of Blogging

Although I’m not sure when exactly it was that I passed the milestone, I’ve now passed 365 straight days of blogging.  That’s probably not a big deal to many people, but it is quite a steak for me.

I guess I should be clear.  I haven’t written a post once a day for 365 days, but I have posted at least once a day for over 365 straight days.  There are far too many practicalities involved in writing once per day for so long for me – life gets in the way!  So when I’ve known I wouldn’t be able to post for a while, I’ve used my drafts and set timings and stuff.

I wanted to write a few thoughts on what I’ve learnt.

The place to start is probably “why?”  Any people who have read this blog semi-regularly over the year may remember that 365 days ago was probably the most difficult time of my life with some personal issues.  I started blogging regularly for a few reasons on the back of this, one of which is that writing made me think things through a bit more clearly.

There’s this thing about writing problems down making them real and tangible and then you can deal with them more easily.  I’m not certain that this was necessarily my way of thinking.  I’m aware that I’m one of these people who needs to think and digest things before I can deal with them.  I usually want a bit of time to work out what to do.  Writing was a way for me to my work my way through in a way that suited me.

One of the things that made this time in 2016 so hard was that someone I was close to decided to stop speaking to me.  However, while physically speaking wasn’t happening, she was still visiting this here blog.  She was the person that got me (back) in to blogging and the fact that she was still reading made me feel like there was still bit of connection there and I did use some posts as a way of talking to her.

Before this, audience hadn’t really come in to my way of writing; a post was a post and if someone read it, then great.  However, a strange thing happened that people did start reading and some started commenting and helping me out.  Others started showing an interest and so I carried on and it was really helpful.

Again, regular readers will probably still be able to detect the “personal” posts but I started experimenting with ways to keep my readership going.  And my biggest regret is probably writing that damned post reviewing my new vacuum cleaner!  There’s something oddly disappointing about that being my most popular post!

More recently, it’s keeping things going that has become the “problem”.  A while ago I did a 30 day blogging challenge and was super proud at managing it.  I started breaking through certain streaks – blogging for a whole week, two weeks, month, six months… As I got to about 8 months, hitting 12 became a real target but finding time to write became a bit of a chore.

Breaking the chain is something that is going to happen sooner of later.  Even professional writers must go on holiday and give it up for a bit.  I could probably do with it happening, to be honest!

So 365 days has left me in an interesting position of not always wanting to do something, but doing it anyway because, well, that’s what I do!  I don’t know what to make of this! Is there an achievement in repeatedly doing something you don’t necessarily want to do because there is an achievement just in doing it? In the world of blogging, I’m not sure there is.  With other situations, I’m sure that there is much more to consider.

I still love talking to you, dear reader, and in that sense the last 365 days have been well worth it.  Thank you, sincerely, for reading and commenting.  Maybe soon, though, it’s time for a rest to get motivated to do it all over again.

Take me back to California
To those crystal neon signs
Where the traveling sensations
Are all blinded by the light

There are eyes in every corner
Bloated brains and rotten smiles
There are coats of many colors
Flying high up in the sky

Won’t you come ’round my way for some conversation, please?
Won’t you come ’round my way, it’s a conversation piece

Look at all these shattered faces
They all look so out of place
They’ve got nothing left to live for
They’ll be dead before they wake

I’d love to know just what you’re thinking
Tell me what I ought to do
I will never leave you lonely
You’re the one I’m running to

Get me out of California
Take me off into the blue
We could make it out together
To the place that’s calling you

Won’t you come ’round my way for some conversation, please?
Won’t you come ’round my way, it’s a conversation piece

Won’t you come ’round my way for some conversation, please?
Won’t you come ’round my way for some conversation, please?
Oh, won’t you come ’round my way, it’s a conversation piece

Conversation Piece by Kings Of Leon


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