Time Travel Handbags

For millennia, humans have been trying to make sense of what they find.  If it’s something you understand, then it’s usually something that you can repeat if so inclined.  “Understanding is one of the keys to knowledge,” said no-one ever except me just then.

Last week, conspiracy theory website UFO Today released a YouTube video called “The Secret of the handbag in ancient stone carvings and statues – Ancient Aliens?”, making the astonishing allegations that handbags in hieroglyphics were proof of nothing less than aliens or time travel.

The video claims that the handbag is a very modern thing, but can be seen in stone carvings dating back as far as 10,000BC in civilisations from Mesopotamia to Mexico.


The video considered whether they could have been taken back by time travellers from the future, before being carved into statues, or if they were some sort of alien technology given to our ancient ancestors.

A blurb with the video said:

How did this handbag symbol become a world wide phenomenon? And more importantly, what did it represent? Did it contain secret knowledge offered by the gods as some myths claim? Was it some form of secret technology that we have forgotten?

A  blurb at 83UnsungHeroes says:

Could it just be that ancient civilisations with the technology to build things like pyramids happened to also invent something to carry their shit around in?

Finding meaning in things is great, but sometimes those things could actually be relatively meaningless.

I, I dont know why i miss you so much
Yeah I, I dont know why I still feel your touch
You, you left me feeling high and dry
With nothing, nothing but the question why

Yeah you, I guess you had another direction
And leaving me with nothing but a dead connection

If you call me today
I’ll say that I’m fine
But I bet you can tell by the tone of my voice
It’s just a lie
You knew what you had
You still walked away leaving me in this mess
My love for you is deep and meaningless

You, you knew what you were doing to me
And I, I guess I was too blind to see
Well you hit where it hurt and you fooled me so bad
But I’d do it again to relive what we had
(Damn thats sad)

There are many things left to remind me
Of a love that I just cant leave behind me

Deep And Meaningless by Rooster



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